Despite the emergence of many exercising techniques and nutritional technologies, the usual Ab training methods seem most reluctant to yield results.

Rather than training like crazy for hours to get firmer abs, wouldn’t it be better if we knew about less demanding, everyday habits that help to develop a six pack?

Develop a Wake-Up Routine

Rather than lazing in the bed in the mornings, get up and drink two to three glasses of water.

It would better if you can drink about three glasses of lukewarm water to which a teaspoon of honey and lemon has been added.

This is useful in many ways. For starters, it helps to raise kickstart your metabolism.

This means that the dormant phase during mornings where you aren’t burning as many calories is overcome. Secondly, the combination of honey, lemon and water helps to eliminates hormonal toxins that contribute towards fat deposition.

This is also beneficial for all-round muscle development. During the night, the muscles undergo a significant repair process and need re-hydration during the morning