Drinking water might be the most simple but effective thing you can do to help your efforts to reveal and define your abs.

Water occupies a large majority of your blood, muscles, and even your bones! Your body needs it to operate properly and needs it even more when you are working out regularly.

Despite the importance of drinking enough water, it is often overlooked as an essential requirement for getting a six pack.

Read on to learn why water must be an essential part of your abs diet and how much you should be drinking for the most benefit.

So, How Much Water Should You Drink For Abs?

Ok, so it’s clear that water has many benefits and everyone who wants to see their abs should be drinking it…but how much should you drink?

  • The exact amount depends on many factors like your unique body and your activity levels. Here are some general guidelines that are a good place to start.
  • An old rule of thumb for general health is eight cups of water a day (1.9 liters/64 oz). Keep in mind that this recommendation doesn’t necessarily take into account activity from exercise.
  • Many fitness sources recommend consuming about a gallon of water a day (3.78 liters/128 oz) as a general rule.
  • The Institute of Medicine determined that an adequate intake of water is 13 cups a day (3 liters/104oz) for men and 9 cups a day (2.2 liters/72oz) for women.

So who is right? Experiment with different intake levels and pay attention to how your body reacts. An easy way to do this is to check your urine color.

You should always aim for clear urine, which means you are hydrated. The more yellow your urine color, the more dehydrated you are.

Also, be careful not to drink too much water because it is possible to “overdose.”

This is very hard to do but it can be done so–once again– pay attention to how your body reacts, especially if you are consuming water beyond the recommended amounts.

Can You Get Water From Other Sources?

              Water is found in most foods and beverages so you can get the benefits of water from these sources, especially those with high water contents.

For example, some fruits and vegetables are made up of 75% to 90% water.

Fruit is composed primarily of water. A banana is about 74 percent water, while a pear is 84 percent and a watermelon is 92 percent water.

Other fruits that are equal to or greater than 90 percent water are cantaloupe, grapefruit and strawberries. These foods are healthful choices if you are watching your caloric intake, as they are low in calories and high in fiber.

Dietary fiber provides a sense of satisfaction, keeping you full and possibly preventing overeating.

Beverages like green tea and coffee are also made up of mostly water and have their own special benefits for weight loss as well.

Should you count these foods and beverages towards your total water intake?

Some sources say yes, some say no (keep in mind it may be very difficult to measure the exact water intake in some foods).

Make your own decision and listen to your body.

With any foods and beverages you consume just to benefit from the water ingredient, you should first and foremost ensure you are staying within your daily calorie needs and six pack diet you have created.